If you're looking to sell your house in Louisville, you’ve likely already considered exactly when the best time is to officially put your home on the market. The truth is that when it comes to selling your house, timing can make all the difference.

Louisville is currently a sellers’ market, meaning that sellers have the best advantage. However, listing your home during the highest-selling months can help you garner the highest offer for your home while having it on the market for the least number of days. Utilize these four proven strategies to feel confident in the time of year you list your home. 

Do Your Own Market Research

Zillow’s home value index is a compilation of proven data to show the trend in housing values in specific cities and geographic locations. According to Zillow, Louisville is a strong market for sellers.

As a seller, you are in an excellent position to take your home in putting your home on the market and still see home values continue to increase. Last year, the value of housing in Louisville rose just under 5%.

There's also a projected increase within the next 12 months of around 4%. The average median home value is $158,900. However, the median listing price was a good deal higher, falling at $205,000.

Additionally, 93% of homes on the market have positive equity. Overall, this means that the housing market is strong in the Louisville area. 

Supplement Market Data with Agent Insight

This data above is an excellent starting point to gain a basic knowledge of the overall housing market in Louisville. However, this data should ideally be supplemented by detailed information specific to your neighborhood or area of town.

This is when it is important that you partner with one of the top-selling realtors® in your area. They'll have intricate details about your specific area that will help you capitalize on the very best time to sell your home. 

Be Choosy When it Comes to Committing to a Real Estate Agent

If you haven’t already found an agent who truly exceeds your expectations, you should feel comfortable taking your time to speak to (or meet with) a few of the area’s top local agents prior to making a firm commitment to work together.

A great way to find the best agent for you is to utilize the power of proven success metrics for area realtors. Effective Agents is a website that will analyze information on your, your home and your neighborhood via a complex algorithm. \

You will then receive a list of the best realtors® in Louisville who are most likely to fit your needs and who have proven experience selling homes similar to yours. Utilizing this algorithm will remove a lot of the guesswork and legwork from choosing a partner to guide you in the process of selling your home. 

Hot Weather = Hot Sales Market

In nearly every major region in the country, the warmer months are when buyers go from simply browsing prospective homes online to becoming active in their search for a home. Starting in April, buyers begin picking up the phone to call agents and narrowing down exactly what neighborhoods they'd like to live in.

The extra money in their pockets from tax season doesn’t hurt, either. While you don’t necessarily have to list your home by early April, you'll be in a strong position if you're able to prepare your home over the winter to go on the market at that time.

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