Louisville, Kentucky is often overlooked as major hub of economic activity, but it is an absolute magnet for the complete surrounding area of the Tri-State. Though Downtown Louisville is situated in the state of Kentucky, the economic impact of the entire Jefferson County area cannot be overstated. Louisville jobs come in all forms and fashions and anyone serious about possible re-location may see that finding a full-time job in Louisville is a feasible goal.

Being the largest municipality in the area, anyone with a professional education or significant training could easily be considered for any of Louisville's top paying jobs. It is the home of the University of Louisville, which has helped to develop the region's status in the health care and legal professions. The professional medical services community of Louisville makes the medical field, in general, one of the area's largest employers.

Sitting on the banks of the Ohio River, Downtown Louisville is a fully modern metropolis. It is promoted and coordinated through the Louisville Downtown Management District. The LDMA website offers information on a wide range of local activities, including finding a full-time job in Louisville. Louisville jobs are generally the easiest to secure in the region for the sake of numbers and opportunity alone.

Though Louisville is a vibrant and highly-developed city, it is also home to the largest industrial complex in the Tri-State. Large local manufacturing plants include the Ford Truck Plant and the General Electric manufacturing facility. They are two of the largest employers in the Jefferson County area and offer some of Louisville's top paying jobs.

The industrial park in Jefferson County is located outside of Downtown Louisville and has minimal impact on the local environment, other than helping produce a significant income and cash flow for the community. The manufacturing community helps to support the diversity and city management program that has allowed it to emerge as the most developed and modern city in the state. The greatest possibility of making a good living in the region is finding a full-time job in Louisville.