Need help finding a full time job in Louisville? The largest employers in Louisville are constantly in need of employees, making Louisville jobs within reach.

Many Fortune 500 companies call Downtown Louisville home. Some of the largest employers in the area are nationally known corporations, including:

1. Humana, Inc. has its roots in Louisville. The healthcare job giant employs nearly 30,000 people, in positions ranging from insurance agents to file clerks. Humana headquarters in Downtown Louisville is the main hub of the company.

2. Yum Brands, Inc. is the largest restaurant company in the world. Under the Yum Brands umbrella are Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silver's, and A&W All American Food. The Louisville headquarters employs human resources, finance, information technology, and research & development personnel.

3. Kindred Healthcare, Inc. is the parent company of several subsidiaries running nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. A support center and data center are both run out of the corporate office, employing customer service representatives and I.T. technicians.

4. Churchill Downs, Inc. owns and operates horse racing tracks, and regulates betting both on and off-track. The company also runs a website,, that allows users to access up-to-date race information and place phone bets. The company owns the famous Churchill Downs racetrack, where the Kentucky Derby is held. In Louisville, the company employs people in the fields of finance, sales, legal, marketing, and gaming, among others.

5. ResCare, Inc. named their company by combining the words Respect and Care, which are the foundation for the company's mission. The company provides personal care services for the disabled and the elderly. Corporate jobs are available in Louisville. There are also ResCare service locations in the area in need of health care professionals.

Finding a full time job isn't impossible with the largest employers in Louisville always in need of help. Explore our comprehensive job search page for the largest employers to find Louisville jobs today!