Careers in trucking can be difficult to find, but truckers are always in demand. Truck driver jobs in Louisville include over the road (OTR) jobs that have drivers gone for days or weeks at a time, local jobs that have drivers home every night, chances to drive flatbeds, and even team driving jobs. Louisville definitely has a wide variety of career for truck drivers.

Big companies that hire OTR drivers, such as Swift and Schneider are regularly hiring in Louisville. These companies require that you stay on the road for 2-3 weeks at a time before you come home, but you can always choose to stay on the road. Typically, you get paid  $1 to $3 per mile.

Other overnight jobs are available at companies like Quickway Carriers and Gordon Trucking. Some of these positions may require that you have a year or two of experience driving specific types of trucks, such as flatbeds, or that you have specific credentials, such as a HazMat endorsement.

Drivers who want local positions can also find jobs in Louisville. FedEx has positions in Louisville where you drive and deliver packages. For companies like Cork Medical, you follow an established route every day, drop off, and pick up medical equipment. Rig Tech Global also has established routes for drivers.

Companies like RYDER are more flexible, with opportunities for OTR drivers and local drivers. At Ryder, drivers can make up to $50k/year and the job includes health benefits.

Other companies, like Prime, have options for independently contracted truck drivers. Swift also hires team drivers.

There are Louisville truck driver jobs for virtually anyone. Whatever opportunities you're looking for, you can find something that can fit you. Whether you have a family or are single and looking forward to life on the road, you can find jobs in Louisville.  Good luck!